Een song van Valerie Hawes., 
student van de Nieuwe Boodschap van God.
Het is een oproep aan de mensheid om zich te verzetten
tegen de alien-indringers vanuit de Grotere Gemeenschap.
De aarde is van ons en wij moeten haar beschermen.
In het kort het hele verhaal van de Briefings van
De Bondgenoten van de Mensheid
De song mag vrij gekopieerd en/of verspreid worden
Lyrics and Accords


C Hum F anity,
The future is in our C hands;
C Should I sing us a lull G aby
Or shall we take a C stand?

C Hum F anity,
We have intruders C on our shores;
C They snuck in the G back way,
G Didn’t ask at our front C door.

C Hum F anity,
F We’re one family under C siege;
C What we have is G wanted
G By outsiders, for their own C needs.

C Hum F anity,
F This planet is our C home.
C God wills we mature and G keep her,
G For she is ours, C alone.

C Hum F anity,
F To protect our sovereign C ty,
C We must attend to our responsibil G ities.
C Mother Earth needs great F care now,

F For she is our home C place
C And if we out G grow her,
G We’ll become slaves to another C race—
C But if we F tend to her,
F We’ll have time to mature and C grow
C And to learn about our G neighborhood
G What we now need to C know.

C Hum F anity,
This is C reality
C And what we G choose now
G Is what will come to C be.
C We can F protect ourselves
F From these strangers on our C shores;
C They have come to take what G we have;
G They will be taking more and C more.

C Hum F anity,
F Choose now and do choose C well;
C Is this our lul G laby
G Or the ringing alarm C bell?

C Hum F anity,
F Wake up now to our C place
C With our neighbors and G neighborhood,
G For we’ve always been in C space,

C Hum F anity,
F Take courage now and C see
C We must guard Earth’s G borders
G And face the Greater Comm C unity—
C We must guard Earth’s G borders
G And face the Greater Comm C unity.

VLH 7.11.14